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CETS Staff

Hugh donnelly


Director of CETS since 2008, has long been involved in the co-operative community.


Morag, a former primary school teacher, has been Development Manager with CETS since 2007.

Welcome to the Co-operative Community!

Here at CETS (Co-operative Education Trust of Scotland), our aim is to educate interested people on the co-operative activities occuring in your local and global community.

On this site you will find information on the Co-operative (or Co-op for short), its History and their role in the 21st Century.

We have also provided an Activities section listing a number of fun co-operative activities for within the classroom or extra-cirricular environment.

For educational mentors and activity leaders, there is a Resources sections with learning aids to help introduce themselves and their students into the community of co-operatives.

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Origin and History

So what is a co-op and where did it all begin? Co-op's have a long international history although the origins of the co-op movement is said to have started in the UK. Learn about the history, principles and values that the co-op was founded upon.
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You've probably heard the term "Co-op" before as they are all around us serving a variety of functions. In this section you will learn about the different types of co-op structure and explore some local and global co-op activities.

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In the 21st Century

How are co-operatives relevant in the fast-paced environment of today? Co-op's around the globe have proved that they have what it takes to meet the needs of its members in this increasingly demanding world.

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In this section there are a list of co-operative activities that give you a better understanding of what co-operatives are all about. Many provide the opportunity to have fun with your classmates and family.

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Here you will find many useful educational resources provided for mentors and teachers to aid in co-operative education. There are starter packs, useful websites and links to the broader co-operative community.
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CETS is a charitable education trust dedicated to the promotion of co-operation and co-operative enterprise. It carries this out through a programme of education within schools across Scotland.

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