Inspiring co-operative enterprise through education

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Co-operative skills for learning, life and work


Co-operative: The Invisible Giant

This interactive, multimedia resource guides students and teachers alike through the history of the co-operative model of enterprise and its role in the 21st century. The purpose of co-operatives in a community sense is also covered in detail. This resource contains exercises, discussion topics and can be used as part of your CPD.


The Co-operative is a unique family of businesses owned by our members and led by our principles. From community projects to a share of the profits, renewable energy to Fairtrade products we believe that when the benefits are passed around, it's good for everyone. Our online TV channel gives you the chance to see our community projects come to life and learn more about our values and principles.

Front cover of 'Enterprise with Ethics'

Enterprise with Ethics

This resource pack for Scottish secondary schools is a stimulating teaching aid, which promotes ethics within enterprise in schools. The pack includes co-operation and leadership activities as well as co-operative and social enterprise case studies. You can download this resource free of charge, or contact us to buy a hard copy.

Young Co-operatives logo

Young Co-operatives

The Co-operative College website has details about this exciting educational programme for secondary pupils. This recently updated resource will encompass a wider range of business models with a strong ethical aspect, including a horticultural model as well as the familiar fairtrade model. CETS welcomes the opportunity to support the use of this programme in Scotland through CPD or mentoring.

Front cover of When Values Meet Vision

When Values Meet Vision

CETS resource pack for those young people who want to set up their own trading co-op. The materials cover all stages of the process, from developing the trading idea through to establishing all of the elements of the co-operative enterprise. Although this resource can support curriculum for excellence, it can also be used outwith the classroom. You can download this resource free of charge, or contact us to buy a hard copy.